Clubs and societies help develop skills such as:


Becoming an elected office-bearer for any club can provide valuable leadership skills.


Being able to communicate with other committee members and write official letters helps develop communication skills.


Clubs provide numerous networking activities that not only help members develop social or studying networks, but also offer the chance to interact with industry professionals through specific events.

Public Speaking

Speaking at conferences, general club meetings, committee meetings and at social functions can help develop students’ public speaking skills. Confidence with public speaking can help improve students' communication skills and self-confidence.

Financial Management

Clubs are subject to strict financial controls and must account for all of their income and expenditure. Club Treasurers gain budgeting and financial skills during their term in office by completing bi-annual audits and complying with C&S financial procedures.

Event Management

Running a ball, BBQ, camp or conference for 10 to 1000 people requires event management skills. Club members can gain these skills through involvement in organising club events.

Community Service

Social welfare clubs provide students with direct opportunities to get involved in community service.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in joining one of our clubs, please contact the club directly via email or at one of their events.